The Best and Worst Logos in Pro Baseball


Hope always springs eternal at the start of baseball season. Baseball diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but the team logos are the true bling. Some MLB logos are classic, and some are brand new. Here we rank the all-important five best — and worst — logos in the sport.


No. 5: Philadelphia Phillies

This one was cool when it came out…25 years ago. It’s definitely starting to feel dated. And the candy-colored ‘Phillies’ with stars (really? Freaking stars?) dotting the i’s is a bit childish.

No. 4: Milwaukee Brewers

The Milwaukee Brewers is an AWESOME name. Beermakers? Playing baseball?!? It sounds so industrial and Midwestern! Their logo, however, doesn’t come close to living up to the awesomeness of their name. Dark blue with dull gold trim and script text reading “Brewers” leads a lot to be desired. Perhaps they should go back to their 70’s and 80’s uniforms…those were awesome.

No. 3: Washington Nationals

A boring choice, Nats. The curly-cued ‘W’ is plain and uninspired. It is just slightly better than their original thrown together look of their rush-job look just prior to their first season in 2005.

No. 2: Tampa Bay Rays

What is up with the twinkly thing in the ‘R’ in the word Rays? That thing just irks me. The font is lazy and boring to boot. The smattering of baby blue in the outline is the one saving grace preventing it from being the very worst logo.

No. 1: Miami Marlins

Is this logo for real? The orange-yellow- teal combo is so 1990s and, quite frankly, is an eyesore for the ages. Throw in the bright green wall that runs around the absurd fountain in the outfield, and the Marlins easily have not only the worst logo, but the worst color scheme in all of baseball.

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No. 5: Baltimore Orioles

The switch back to the cartoon bird from the ornithologically correct one was a bold move. And one that clearly has paid off. Who doesn’t love this? It’s like a Hanna-Barbara cartoon.

No. 4: Boston Red Sox

Man, now this one is classic. Simple, yet classic. Just a couple of red socks (or sox, as they called them a century ago, apparently) hanging down, ready to be slipped on for nine innings of pain brought onto the opponent. Love this.

No. 3: New York Yankees

The most hated team in baseball also has one of the most iconic logos. It’s full of red-white- and-blue Americana, complete with a fancy old Uncle Sam hat. Damn Yankees. They even succeed in the logo game.

No. 2: Seattle Mariners

The Mariners have a great thing going for them. The Emerald City has Starbucks, grunge rock and sweet-ass Safeco Field, home of the Mariners. The Mariners involve both the spirit of their city and evoke their namesake with a prominent and proud teal and blue compass. Just looking at it makes me feel like I would be totally capable of captaining a ship in the tame Seattle Harbor waters.

No. 1: Toronto Blue Jays

Toronto is home to the only MLB franchise, and also home to the sweetest logo. Bird logos are always an excellent choice, and this one possesses not only a majestic profile of a blue jay, but an outstanding color scheme and classic font, complete with a maple leaf. The Jays hit a home run on this one.