Women Pay More Than Guys For The Same Products [Study]

So, this isn’t cool. Research from New York City’s Department of Consumer Affairs compared the prices of over 800 items that had distinct versions for men and women and found that ladies pay an average of seven percent more for female-specific products vs. the male-specific version of the same product. The bottom line: women wind up spending thousands of dollars more for the same exact stuff.


Sorry, had to get that out because it’s total garbage! From grooming products like shampoo and razors to kid’s helmets and toys — we presume it extends to athletic gear, like sneakers and training shirts, as well? — ladies are forking over more cash than dudes. The most egregious example was a 13 percent difference in female versions of personal care products. Eight percent was the amount for adult clothes and senior health products. The study also found that women’s products cost more than men’s 42 percent of the time. The amount paid for a product was equal about 40 percent of the time, while men paid more only 18 percent of the time.

Here’s what theDCA’s report said:

“While DCA’s study does not estimate an annual financial impact of gender pricing for goods, the findings of this study suggest women are paying thousands of dollars more over the course of their lives to purchase similar products as men.”

One example, from Target, cited an identical children’s scooter had a $25 price difference. A boring looking, basic red scooter with no gender identification cost $24.99, while a pink scooter labeled as a “girl’s scooter”, cost $49.99. The scooters were the same brand and identical, save for the labeling and color. The scooters were the same brand and identical, save for the labeling and color.  So, no flames on the sides, no fancy hydraulics, no flashy stereo — nada. It was the exact same.

We’re glad this was made public, but we’re also tempted to write a letter to Ronda Rousey, asking her to take matters into her own capable and sometimes terrifying hands (We love you Ronda!) …

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