Tom Brady- A Stud On And Off The Field- Named Super Bowl XLIX MVP

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The super hunk crew brought home another Lombardi Trophy for the Patriots

In an announcement that surprised nobody who actually watched Super Bowl XLIX, future Hall of Fame QB Tom Brady took home his third Super Bowl MVP award. THIRD! The only other guy with three Super Bowl MVP awards is Joe Montana and he won’t be back at the Super Bowl next year to do anything but sling pizzas with Peyton Manning (in case you’re curious, Bart Starr, Terry Bradshaw, and Eli Manning each have 2. Peyton Manning has one Super Bowl MVP and a card that gets him unlimited toppings at any Papa John’s pizzeria).

During the course of the 49th Super Bowl, Brady attempted 50 passes completing 37 for 328 yards. He hit Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola for TDs, bringing his career Super Bowl touchdown total to 13 which allowed him to surpass Joe Montana’s record of 11 Super Bowl touchdowns while giving countless female viewers lady boners at the thought of “hitting” Edelman or Amendola (or both, for good measure).