The End Of Subpar Sports Bras? just posted something super thought-provoking. No, it wasn’t a theory about the Higgs boson particle; it was about why sports bras are so damn crappy at their jobs. The article begins with a brief recap of how sports corsets evolved into bras and so forth, and then go into why it’s so difficult to develop a sports bra that does its job well. And make no mistake about it — it is evidently difficult to develop a sports bra that does its job well.

When you think about it, why we’re still dealing with subpar sports bras makes no sense. Deodorants and antiperspirants to keep our armpits from stinking to high heaven? Check. Running shoes with extra cushioning and super-flexible webbing for our feetsies? Yep. A comfy helmet to stop a softball from crushing our skulls. Absolutely.

So what the heck about sports bras, man? Nike jumped into the market for women’s gear to compete with Lululemon, Victoria’s Secret, and Under Armour last year, but the issue still persists. (Not like I need to remind you of that!) Whether or not you’re heavy up top, discomfort is something that women deal with during training in the gym, on the track, ice or court, etc.

One theory is that bras are too fashion-heavy, instead of relying more on science. Makes sense to us, but it’s still something we need to have taken care of like pronto.

Anyway, you can read the entire post over at Now if you’re excuse me, I’m going to go burn my sports bra in hopes of scaring the others in my dresser into working harder for me.