The State That Works Out Longest Is …

Approximately 129 million Americans own smartphones. In fact, you might be reading this very post on a smartphone right this very nanosecond. Trippy, man! And because smartphones do basically everything aside from sing us to sleep — someone really needs to get on that, like, immediately! — they also rely on them for exercise and fitness purposes. One of the more popular mobile fitness is MapMyFitness, which can do things like map running routes, workout duration, track exercises, and log your nutrition plan, analyzed data from its users all over our great union.

Knowing this, the ambitious folks over at the WSJ analyzed data from MapMyFitness to determine that the state that works out the longest, on average, is … drumroll, please! … New Mexico!

Just kidding. It’s California.

The national average logged about 73.2 minutes of exercise per week, which doesn’t meet the 150 minutes recommended by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. However, that number could be higher elsewhere (including CA) considering everyone who works out doesn’t rely on MapMyFitness. I have the app on my phone but fired it up once, which means I helped contribute to New Jersey losing to California and a bunch of other states by screwing up the data. Sorry, peeps!

The states which ranked lowest? Delaware, Rhode Island, North Dakota, and — surprisingly — Hawaii. Why is that surprising? Because you’d think because, like California, the weather is nice and moderate year-round that those people would want to stay lean year-round. Hope. John Bartholomew, director of the Exercise and Sport Psychology Laboratory at the University of Texas, told the WSJ:

“There’s a huge environmental contributor to [California’s placement]. Access to parks is tremendous. If you think about Seattle or Oregon, the ability to get out into nature is something that attracts people.”

You mean to tell me that when the temperature drops to -1,000,000 degrees in South Dakota nobody wants to drive 48 miles to their nearest gym to train? That’s crazy! And Deleware. Well, this is the last time I thought of Deleware …