November Project: Free Group Workouts For Early Risers

november project

How does a fun, free, and somewhat spontaneous workout sound to you? As the sun slowly rises above the horizon, picture a large crew of people waking up your city with an energizing spirit and a love of the outdoors. Known as sort of a “fitness flash mob,” the November Project is a unique, grassroots, DIY exercise class. And your “classroom” or gym happens to be your local, natural surroundings and the major landmarks of your town.

Co-founded by Brogan Graham and Bojan Mandaric, the two former college rowers, have initiated a “no interview” policy to members of the media. A little punk rock? Sure. A lot of attitude? Maybe. Graham and Mandaric will only talk to you and answer questions after you sweat it out with them at a November Project meetup. Being an underground hipster type of thing is all part of the interest and mystique of the November Project.

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What began in Boston, MA as a fitness movement to help the locals stay in shape during the colder months, now spans across multiple cities within four time zones in North America. The movement has spread like low-fat butter across the United States and Canada through word-of-mouth on the street and social networking sites. According to, “members vary from Olympic medalists, professional athletes, marathoners, triathletes, fitness rookies and recent couch potatoes.”

The November Project welcomes new members of any age or fitness level. Friends, neighbors, strangers, blind-date Tinder hookups…it doesn’t matter, the November Project is about community and socializing face-to-face while engaging in a high-intensity workout. Hundreds of people have turned out for these fitness flash mobs to sprint stairs, city hills, and complete sets of push-ups and planks in public parks. Workouts are scalable and designed to encourage constant progress and improvement.

This underground fitness movement is also meant to be a social gathering, with live tweets sent out only a few days before the location of the “secret” workout spot. Think of it as how the old-school raves used to get their message out to the masses, but instead of handing out flyers on the street, you can check your twitter feed. Targeted to millennials, gen-Xers and everyone in-between, this uber underground movement will kick start your morning with an endorphin-laced runner’s high and welcome you at the finish line with congratulatory hugs from new friends.

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To start a November Project in your hometown, visit to submit an application. All fitness training begin at 6:30 a.m. on weekdays; each workout lasts 60 minutes. They have a weather proof concept, so rain or shine, sleet or snow, be ready to explore the outdoors and move your body! As of spring 2016, there are 28 November Project tribes across the U.S. and Canada. Do you think you have what it takes to start up a November Project in your city? Like Brogan Graham says, “If you don’t risk, you don’t earn the chance to live a better life.”

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