New England Patriots Win Super Bowl XLIX In Red Zone Stunner

pats win

Google confirms: the Pats have done it again.

Oddly enough, the New England Patriots wrapped up their fourth Super Bowl win of the 21st century with an interception that mirrored the play that stripped them of their first scoring opportunity. With the clock counting down the final seconds of Super Bowl XLIX and Marshawn Lynch and the Seattle Seahawks surging down the field in an attempt to add six points the to their half of the scoreboard, an unfathomable decision was made to pass with time AND downs to go, resulting in a Russel Wilson thrown interception by Malcolm Butler of the Patriots, 20 seconds left on the game clock, and the last nail in the coffin of the Seahawks’ comeback attempt. The ill-advised play cemented a New England victory and a final score of 28-24.