The MLB Wants You To Vote On The Best Players By Team In Their "Franchise Four" Promo

In case you haven’t heard, the MLB is running a vote to pick the “Franchise Four” of all the current teams in the MLB and it’s actually mildly interesting if only for the chaos if the choices by team.

franchise four

The point of the voting is for fans to pick four players from a team’s ballot that they would want on the Mount Rushmore of their team. It’s a cool concept (that’ll almost CERTAINLY slant towards current superstars coughClayton Kershawcough) and a great way to let lifelong fans vote for their favorites as well as expose new fans to greats they might not be as familiar with, but there are also a lot of head-scratchers on the ballots.

Adrian Gonzalez, who is just now beginning what could be a career season with the Dodgers, is on the San Diego Padres short list. He played there for five seasons, hit under .300 and has since played on two additional teams (LA Dodgers, Boston Red Sox).

Barry Bonds is eligible for a spot on the San Francisco Giants lineup. I feel like all reports on the team’s voting should include an asterisk next to his name. Same could go for Sammy Sosa, who appears on the Chicago Cubs ballot.

Among the “questionable” options on the team ballots is the one man who would make me fill out an individual team ballot for an organization other than the Dodgers: Pete Rose.

Yes, Charlie Hustle did some BAD things in his time as a player and manager, but this is no Eight Men Out situation; the guy bet on his own team, not against them! It takes some serious swagger to walk into a bookie’s office and be like, “Yeah, me and my boys are THE SH*T and here’s some money that you’re gonna double up after we win”. Pete Rose is a treasure. A kind of dumbass treasure, but a guy who deserves a shot at the Hall of Fame all the same. If being part of the Cincinnati Reds Franchise Four is the best he’s gonna get, I would urge everyone reading this to go vote for him now. I just did. I voted for him and Johnny Bench, mostly because he’s a running gag on “Archer”.

This has quickly become my plea to you to vote for Pete Rose in the MLB Franchise Four, and I don’t mind.

General voting for the MLB Franchise Four closes on May 8th, 2015 at