Marvel & ESPN Turn Female Athletes Into Superheroes

Marvel Comics and espnW have teamed to turn the women who make it onto the IMPACT25 — a list of female athletes and influencers who have made the biggest impact in their respective sport for the past year — superheroes.

So, yeah, that’s AWESOME. Who here hasn’t wished at least 3,084,084 times that they had super powers? (Side note: Once, during a track meet — I used to run long distance — I was daydreaming about how my super power was the ability to run super fast, which I decided wasn’t that great of a super power. So I changed it to possessing the ability slowing time down, which also wasn’t great. So I changed it again, this time to something even dumber. Point is, I never figured out the best super power for me. Great story, right?)

The debut illustration is of U.S. Women’s National Team superstar Carli Lloyd, who totally kicked major butt at the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup for Team USA! USA! USA!

“Each of the IMPACT25 honorees is incredible in their own right, be it on the field or in the boardroom,” said Alison Overholt, editor-in-chief, espnW. “There have been some truly superhuman accomplishments in the last year, and there is no one better than the artists of Marvel to depict these women as the heroes that they are.”

Added Sana Amanat, Marvel Director of Content Development:

“Marvel’s mission is to celebrate the hero’s journey—and espnW’s IMPACT25 is a uniquely incredible way to do that. Like our powerful heroes, the IMPACT25 have made a remarkable impression on the world and this is our salute to them. By merging this exceptional group of women with our mighty Marvel artists we are able to truly capture their super human feats in a program that brings together talent from on and off the field.”

Read more about it here.

Image credit: Marvel/ESPN