9 Fittest UFC Female Fighters

UFC is no longer a male-dominated sport. In fact, the most recognizable athlete in the sport today is a woman. But what makes these athletes among the fittest on the planet? A big part of it is what goes into their individualized training regimens. Here are nine of the fittest UFC fighters on the planet.

alexis davis ufc fighter

Alexis Davis: Davis has been pro since 2007. Lately, she has put a great deal of focus into her boxing, as well as still implementing her Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling, and Muay Thai during her intensive training sessions.

jessica eye ufc fit

Jessica Eye: A native of the buckeye state and lifelong fighter, Eye, 30, holds various amateur titles throughout Ohio: NAAFS AM title, Ohio Boxing association AM title and the Ring of Combat Pro title. Her training days are always different, but usually consist of MMA and fitness training.

Julianna Pena ufc fit

Julianna Pena: West Coast woman Pena, from Spokane, Washington, has a pretty consistent training schedule. After she wakes up, she goes to strength and conditioning, comes home and eats and rests. She will hit her first MMA practice shortly after that, then she’ll come home, eat and rest before more work. At the end of a long day of training, she’ll come home, eat and sleep.

milana dudieva ufc fit

Milana Dudieva: Dudieva, of Alagir, Russia, does a lot of Judo, belt wrestling, Sambo in her training and conditioning. It has helped the 26-year old’s 61-inch reach pack even more punch.
Sarah Kaufman: Kaufman, from British Columbia, Canada, has excellent conditioning and can strike from any position. Her typical training regimen consists of conditioning or weights (or both), teaching at ZUMA, technical work, then some hard training in a specific discipline. Then there is eating and recovery work to be done. Sundays are her day to do a run and recharge for the next week.

pennington ufc fit

Raquel Pennington: Having turned pro in 2012, Pennington is a well-rounded fighter who trains every morning doing strength and conditioning for two hours. Then, following a break she’ll do Muay Thai, kickboxing or wrestling on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On Tuesday and Thursday she does Jiu Jitsu.

miesha tate ufc fit
Miesha Tate: Tate is the current No. 1 Bantamweight women’s fighter in the world. Maintaining her top billing is an intense endeavor; in the morning she trains either striking, conditioning or does technical game plan review. In the evening, she pursues either live MMA rounds or strength & conditioning.

Holly Holm ufc
Holly Holm: The current No. 4 fighter in the world, Holm’s conditioning is her biggest strength. She runs five days a week, spars twice a week, grapples two-to-three times per week and wrestles two times a week. She also does mitt work three-to-four times a week.

7 Lessons Women Can Learn From MMA Champ Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey: Ronda Rousey is the most recognizable woman in the UFC. She’s also arguably one of the most recognizable athletes in the world today, period. A highly-decorated judo master from ages 11 to 21, she started MMA at 22 because she realized I didn’t want to work in a conventional field of work for her adult life. Currently the No. 2 Bantamweight women’s fighter, Rousey does a whole lot of core-strengthening exercises in the gym when she is not in the ring simulating a fight.