Finally, There's A Full-Time Female NBA Analyst!

I’d like to send a super-sized congrats to Stephanie Ready for becoming the first woman in history to hold a full-time commentating position for the NBA! FOX Sports Southeast named Ready one of their play-by-play analyst for the approaching season. The Maryland native played b-ball at Coopin State University and became an assistant coach after graduation. She later went on to help out with recruiting for NCAA D-I schools, as well as the NBA D-League. Ready was also an assistant coach in the WNBA.

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In other words — Steph is a gal who knows her hoops, and after spending 12 years at Fox Sports she got the bump she rightfully deserved. So, you’re probably wondering, “Why the heck did it take soooooooo long for a female to hold a FT commentating position in the NBA? Great question. And I could spend all day speculating answers, but I’m going to live in the now and look toward the future. Which is a lot brighter after this news. Seriously, ladies — this is HUGE for women and women in sports. The NBA had better be ready for Ready.