UAE's Emirates Women's Day Sounded Awesome!

I wanted to attend Emirates Women’s Day in Abu Dhabi last weekend, but Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed, president of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), didn’t return my tweet requesting a free first-class roundtrip ticket. (Maybe I should have settled for business class?)

Anywho, the Emirates Women’s Day event featured a parade and demonstrations that celebrated female sports teams. Shaikh Ahmad Bin Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, President, president of the UAE National Olympic Committee, was also on hand to show his support, saying

“August 28 is a special day as it commemorates a milestone in the history of women in the UAE. This year’s celebration at Yas Mall not only indicates a great collaboration between all sectors of our society, but also the intention of everyone concerned to continue this drive towards excellence in all fields, with particular attention on our women.”

He later praised female athletes who represent their respective sport, calling those who traveled abroad “true ambassadors for our country.”

How cool is THAT!!?!? Not only are the women in the UAE moving upward by getting a shout out by the bigwigs, they’re labeled ambassadors for doing what they love — following their passion for sports. I love when stuff like this happens, and it’s not just happening abroad. Recently in the U.S., Stephanie Ready was named the first female full-time NBA analyst! It’s a pattern, ladies. And a great one for women in sports. Glass ceilings are made to be shattered and one by one, that’s what we’re doing!

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