Unsportsmanlike Pelvic Thrusts, Pink Headphones, & Other Weird NFL Fines


49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick wasn’t in violation of wearing headphones that clashes with his team colors — although let’s face it, ones with a gold tint would have been a better option; instead, Kaepernick was hit with a hefty $10,000 fine for sports for wearing non-official NFL gear. The takeaway here is simple: Even when you’re promoting breast cancer awareness, don’t do it on the NFL’s airwaves unless they give you the go-ahead.

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lynch fine

In 2014 Marshawn Lynch kept his mouth shut when the press tried to interview him and was hit with a $50K fine. The NFL has a policy that makes players make themselves available to the media, and Lynch’s silence broke the rule. They added on another $50K fine for a 2013 infraction as well, bringing the grand total to $100K.

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von miller thrust

Broncos linebacker Von Miller received an $11,567 fine for unsportsmanlike conduct. The problem? He celebrated with a pelvic thrust that was, apparently, too crude a gesture for a sport where enormous guys attempt to crunch each other’s bones on every play. We’re not kidding:

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Former NFL receiver Chad Johnson (or Ochocinco — whatever you want to call him),  was fond of pranks. The NFL, however, has no sense of humor when it comes to … anything. Check out the photo — for pretending to pay off the ref with a crumpled $1 bill, Johnson was fined $20,000. Nothing funny about losing that type of coin.

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brett favre

In 2010 then-Vikings QB Brett Favre was sacked with a $50,000 fine for texting a pic of his … well, you know … to a woman. Not smart — especially if that woman isn’t your wife, which in this case, it wasn’t Favre’s.

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Former Pistons, Bulls, and Lakers forward Dennis Rodman was fined $50,000 by the league during the 1997  Finals for his comments following a loss against the Utah Jazz. “It’s difficult to get in sync with all of the EXPLETIVE Mormons out here,” Rodman told the press. Except he didn’t say “expletive.” He said the word — the f dash, dash, dash word. Later, coach Phil Jackson cleared up any confusion: “To Dennis, a Mormon may just be a nickname for people from Utah.” Ah, makes sense. Thanks, P.J.

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Latrell Sprewell wasn’t happy when Warriors coach P.J. Carlesimo was riding him during practice back in 1997. So he did what any well-adjusted, even-tempered professional athlete would do — he attacked his coach. Probably not the best thing to do to earn more playing time, but the perfect remedy if you have too much money. Sprewell lost his shoe contract with Converse and $6.4 million after a 68-game suspension.

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Islanders forward Chris Simon earned a 30-game suspension and lost about $300,000 in salary for stomping on Pittsburgh’s Jarkko Ruutu leg in 2007. That beat Simon’s previous record of a 25-game suspension he received in ’06 for using his hockey stick like a Louisville Slugger.

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In 1991 as a member of the Philadelphia 76ers, Charles Barkley was getting ragged on by Nets fans at the Meadowlands in New Jersey. He spotted the guy and tried to spit on him, but there was a problem: “I was tired, and I didn’t have enough foam in my mouth. It went everywhere,” Chuck said. “Everywhere” happened to be on an eight-year-old girl. Oops. Barkley received a one-game suspension and a $10,000 fine.

 Bizarre Ways Pro Athletes Got Fined bobcats

Only a fool would believe pro athletes are in it for the love of the game — they play because they’re paid boatloads of cash to play. But in 2007, when Tyrus Thomas was a member of the Bulls and admitted he was competing in the NBA Slam Dunk Contest because he wanted to make some extra loot, some NBAers considered it preposterous! How could he be so honest? John Paxson, a member of the Bulls management team, was particularly upset and the organization fined Thomas $10,000 for his candor.

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