NCAA Bowling & Women's Beach Volleyball Coming to Rutgers?

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The Rutgers campus is in New Brunswick, New Jersey, and has long been competitive in a wide range of NCAA sports, namely football and basketball. But many people — perhaps money-hungry school officials, or just people who want to expand the school’s reach? — feel that it’s time to think outside of the box of traditional athletics. How will they potentially do this? By adding more sports to the Scarlet Knights’ lineup. What sports, you ask? I’m glad you asked, dear reader. They’re toying with adding two supremely popular sporting events — bowling and beach volleyball. Yep, bowling.

Look, nothing against either sport, but A) is bowling a sport or a hobby? and B) beach volleyball in an area that’s cold more often than it’s warm seems like a stretch.  Probably bowling. Nothing against you top-notch ball tossers, but I couldn’t help but be reminded of this scene from

Going back to bowling, did nobody else think of the Bill Murray-Woody Harrelson film *Kingpin? *

While the backbone of the sports program at Rutgers has long been basketball and football, the call to add bowling and beach volleyball isn’t that far off from what other schools do to broaden their appeal to more student-athletes. The NCAA bowling championship has been around since 2004 and includes eight teams. By adding scholarships in the area, recruiting efforts can increase and fund the sport and the associated travel costs that are sure to follow.

Another sport that is increasingly being looked at is women’s beach volleyball — which we can only hope doesn’t do its recruiting at the Jersey Shore. While this might sound like a fanciful notion to include at a university in New England, supporters point out that the University of Nebraska has recently installed a team with resounding success. This not only increases the number of athletic scholarships available to female athletes, but it provides yet another recruiting opportunity to showcase the Scarlet Knights program to other regions of the country that might not have otherwise been exposed to it.

In addition, this sport is far less expensive to run that other similarly placed programs. Traditional floor volleyball, for example, requires eight scholarship spots, while beach volleyball would use only three.

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