11 Awkwardly Hilarious Sports Photos & GIFs!

awkward sports photos

I love sports (and coincidently, so do the people who run this website, hence the name). And I also love to laugh. So, I figured, why not combine both things I like? And then the folks at GTS did just that, and now we have some awkwardly hilarious sports photos to look at. Yay!

We thought “don’t catch the ball with your face” was universally known. Guess not.

funny sports

Umpire: Uh, excuse me, coach. We have received a complaint from the opposing coach.

Coach: Oh yeah, what’s the problem?

Umpire: Seems one of your players could quite possibly be ineligible, we’ve been told.

Coach: That’s ridiculous. Which one?

If the objective was to look like a total clod, she’s the gold medalist. We’re just kidding! We’ve all been here and taken spills and falls while practicing … just never in front of a camera, thankfully.

funny sports photos

Just because I’m girls and have girl parts doesn’t mean I haven’t heard what happens when guy parts meet cold water. I’ve seen that Seinfeld episode!

funny sports photos

Man, that dude must be good. He doesn’t even have eyeballs. Also, the guy facing our direction is named Bra. Just saying.

funny sports

Wait, I’m confused. Who is getting the bargain here — the sister, the guy giving the ticket away, or the brother who gets to see the game? Our hea

Surprisingly, that’s just how they practiced it.

We hope he has no plans to transition to WWE. Clearly his top rope game needs work.

Do you think after a blunder like this the runner considers whether or not he has stain stick at home?


We don’t even think Shaq’s enormous paws could possibly palm that enormous ball.

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