9 Craziest Mud Runs and OCRs!

mud runs

Summer is here, and that means it’s time to get outside and play in the … mud? It’s not as crazy as it sounds. Mud runs and obstacle course races (OCR) have become super popular of late.The Tough Mudder is probably the most well-known event, but there are others. So if you’ve ever wanted to do one, here are nine of the craziest mud runs you should check out. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a first-timer, these mud runs have some of the best courses and coolest participants on the scene. First up …

warrior dash

Warrior Dash: This won’t be your normal weekend. Warrior Dash is the obstacle course race that anyone can finish. With over two and a half million participants worldwide since 2009, Warrior Dash has reinvented the concept of a 5K (3.1 miles) run. Whether you’re an elite athlete or a beginner, you’ll wade across wooded lakes and venture through mud-caked backroads as you make your loop to the finish line. You’ll be rewarded with a finisher medal (that doubles as a wall-mountable bottle opener), a sweet T-shirt, fuzzy Warrior helmet, and ice cold beer(!).


Dirty Girl Mud Run: Dirty Girl Mud Run is a muddy 5K, 14-obstacle event built to inspire females to a sense of accomplishment.  In 2016, Dirty Girl Mud Run has cemented its place as the World’s Largest Women’s Only Mud Run as they have brought the event across the country. Visit GoDirtyGirl.com to learn more.

muddy signs

Big Nasty Mud Run: This one is a bit longer, at 4.5 miles, and has 33 mud-filled obstacles, including Ranger Bars, The Wall of Terror, tunnels, tires, mini hills, cargo nets and the Big Nasty Water Slide. Participants must be over 12 Years of age, and 13 on race day. The average time required to complete this race is an hour and a half. There is a kids run for those under 13 on race day.

xtreme ruck
Xtreme Muck Ruck: Are you Xtreme? If you answered ‘yes’ to that question, this might be the race for you. Answered ‘no’? It’s probably still OK for you, too. All participants in the XMR will compete at different levels and speeds including a combination of running, jogging and walking.


Mud Mulisha: This one is great for weekend warriors and super competitive athletes alike. The courses they use are unique. If you sign up for a 12K course, you won’t just loop around a 6K course twice. You’ll get a unique and challenging course with some cool people. And finish it all off with a beer.

big dog mud run
Big Dog Brag: This course is the perfect balance for everyone. If you happen to more obstacles than any other course of its size. But if you aren’t a super athlete, the course definitely provides a definite sense of accomplishment without pushing your body to the point of no return or recovery. There is also a 2K Little Dog course that is good for the whole family. Kids ages 5 and up can do the 15 obstacles, huge mud slide, cargo net climb, 10 mud pits, rope climbs and more.

survival race
Survival Race: The Survival Race calls itself the original family-focused 5K, Obstacle Course & Mud Run. It owns its race properties and locations throughout the United States, meaning it constantly strives to build better obstacles and consistently maintain and manicure its courses to ensure safety and improve its brand.

terrain racing

Terrain Racing: All venues for Terrain Racing have unique terrain, but here are some common obstacles you’ll find at one, in addition to plenty of mud to crawl in:
Monkey bars, likely on an incline and with water under them
Cargo nets to climb and navigate across
Tubes to crawl through
Walls to climb over
Balance beams
Hay bales to jump over blindfolded
Climbing walls to traverse
Barbed wire to crawl under
Tire fields to run through
Tire piles to climb over
Strength tests
The mental test to conquer the terrain.

Are you ready now?

mud endeavor

*Mud Endeavor: *Mud Endeavor calls itself Florida’s premiere obstacle course race. While each course is totally different depending on the location, Mud Endeavor’s original location has the most intense elevation changes of any run in Florida. The Night Run boasts club-style lights and DJ’s as well as tall fast water slides, mud and many other challenging obstacles.  Additionally, Mud Endeavor Hidden Creek was the first known mud run to be held on a golf course.

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