Bo Jackson, MJ, and 5 More Pros Who Played Two Sports

babe zaharias

#1. Babe Zaharias | Track & Field, Golf
Babe Zaharias took home two gold medals and one silver in track and field at the 1932 Los Angeles Olympics. And then in 1935, Babe — who has the best name ever, by the way, became a pro golfer. And guess what? She set numerous women’s records that stand to this day. She even became the first woman to make the PGA cut in 1945, where she took on the men decades before another woman would do it. How? Because Babe was awesome. Just like dudes like Herschel Walker, Michael Jordan, and Bo Jackson, all of whom made our list …

second career walker football mma

#2. Herschel Walker | Football, Bob Sledding, Mixed Martial Arts
He ran over defenders on the football field for 12  seasons in the NFL and then retired in 2007. But he wasn’t done competing. In 2010, at age 47, Walker resumed a career, opting to beat people down instead of run them over. He became a professional MMA fighter. Oh yeah, back in 1992, Walker also competed in the Winter Olympics on the two-man bobsled team, placing seventh. Lastly, he had abs made of steel.

jordan baseball second careers sports

#3. Michael Jordan | Basketball, Baseball
Arguably the best basketball player of all-time — sorry Kobe and LeBron fans! — Michael Jordan got tired of making boatloads of cash and earning NBA titles while playing for the Chicago Bulls in the 1990s. So he did what we’d all d0 — go play minor league baseball for the Birmingham Barons. Jordan’s experiment in 1993 didn’t work out so well. Less than two years later he was back on an NBA court. He even showed us his amazing acting talents alongside Bugs Bunny in Space Jam.

thorpe olympian football second career *

#4. Jim Thorpe | Olympian, Football, Basketball
After winning gold at the 1912 Olympics in the pentathlon and decathlon, Thorpe had his medals stripped a year later when he was outed for being a semi-pro baseball player. Why did that matter? Because it proved he wasn’t an amateur and therefore disqualified to participate in the Olympics. Oops. At least he got his medals back … 30 years after he died.

He went on to play pro baseball, football, and basketball, which we’re guessing led to him getting laid a whole bunch.

second chance sports athletes bo jackson
#5. Bo Jackson | Baseball, Football

Bo knew how to break ankles on the gridiron as an NFL running back, and he also know how to break bats over his knee on the baseball diamond. Jackson was teriffic in both sports he played professionally, earning All-Star honors at both. Then he got inured and it eventually required a hip replacement. Career over for football, and he was never the same baseball payer, either. 

second career sanders

#6. Deion Sanders | Baseball, Football
Sanders is a Hall-of-Fame cornerback that played 14 NFL seasons; he also played nine in MLB. The stylish, trash-talking “Prime Time” is the only pro athlete to ever score a TD and hit a home run in the same week.

You may have heard that Sanders played games for both sports in one day. Nope. In 1992 he played against the Dolphins and then suited up with the Braves — but all he did was suit up. Kind of counts, but it’s not really playing.