6 Grisly Sports Injuries That'll Make Your Stomach Turn

If you’ve played sports, you know that injuries happen. Typically, they’re not too bad. Like when you’re battling in the paint or boxing someone out and you get bruised by an elbow. It stings, but nothing you can’t handle. Or when you’re  sliding into second base and the infield clay leaves you with road rash. Sure, it stings when you shower and is a pain when you’re want to go to sleep, but in the end, you can walk it off.

But then there are the awful injuries — the broken bones, the grisly knockouts, the sucker punches. Those happen, too. Some, like these six, tend to stick with us after we learn of them … 

Who: Kevin Ware*
Sport: Basketball
Date: *
March 31, 2013

Kevin Ware was trying to challenge a three-point shot, but he landed awkwardly. The way he fell shudder caused him to fracture his leg and sent fellow players and fans into jaw-dropping disbelief as to what they’d just witnessed. Ware is still on the road to recovery.

Who: Darryl Stingley*
Sport: Football
Date: *
August 12, 1978

Oakland raider’s defensive back Darryl Stingley was cracked by Jack Tatum. The massive hit — which you can see above, despite having to endure that awful music — compressed his spinal cord and broke his fourth and fifth cervical vertebrae. The hit proved to be career-ending, sadly, as it left Stingley paralyzed for life.

Next: Steve Moore Gets Sucker Punched

Who: Steve Moore*
Sport:Ice hockey
*March 8, 2004

Moore was punched by Vancouver’s Todd Bertuzzi — and it was a haymaker that knocked Moore for a loop. During the scuffle he broke three vertebrae, and suffered a concussion and facial lacerations; Moore was stretched off the pitch and rushed to the hospital, and never played again.

The bright side to this awful story is that Moore has been a vocal voice in helping the NHL stop unecessary violence.

Next: *Eduardo da Silva’s Broken Fibula*

Who: *Eduardo da Silva
Sport: Soccer
Date: *
September 23, 2008

During a soccer — okay fiiiiiiiiinee, football — match between Birmingham City and Arsenal, Arsenal forward Eduardo da Silva suffered a broken left fibula and broken ankle after a tackle from Birmingham’s Martin Taylor. Silva resumed playing a year later, but the hit still makes me quiver whenever I watch it … which is proably too often.

Next: Ray Chapman Gets Beaned In The Face

Ray Chapman injury
Who: Ray Chapman*
Sport: Baseball
Date: *

At the time protective headgear was rarely used by batters. During a game against the New York Yankees, Chapman was hit in the face by a fastball and fell unconscious. The hit was so bad that it shattered his skull into pieces. Champman died while in the hospital.

FYI: it wasn’t until Mickey Cochrane, a Hall of Fame catcher for the Tigers, suffered a skull fracture that nearly killed him in 1937 did the call for batter’s helmets pick up steam.

Next: Cal Worsham Absorbs A Massive Hit To The Chest

cal worsham mma

Who: *Cal Worsham
*November 1998

Worsham absorbed a nasty hit in the chest by opponent Zane Frazier — and it nearly killed him. The blow broke his ribs and collapsed his lungs. Worsham rushed to the hospital after the fight where the doctors declared his injury as life-threatening. Fortunately, he lived to tell the story.

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