You Won't Believe How These Pro Athletes Injured Themselves

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Pro athlets put their bodies through the ringer — and they get paid handsomely to do so. So when an on-field or in-practice injury occurs — pulled muscle, torn ligament, sprained ankle, etc. — it’s no surprise. However, that doesn’t mean some pro athletes’ injuries aren’t surprising. Like, for example …

#1. Glenallen Hill (1990)
Hill hated spiders. Like, he hated spiders a lot to the point where he’d never, ever, EVER watch the horror-comedy Arachnophobia. Anyway, while having one of his spider-infested nightmares, Hill bolted half-asleep from his bed, ran straight into a glass coffee table, and tumbled down a staircase. He ended up on the 15-day disabled list. Spiders 1, Hill 0.

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#2. David Cone (1998)
The Yankees pitcher had his hand gnawed on by a flesh-hungry grizzly bear. Oh, wait, actually it was his mother’s yappy four-month-old Jack Russell terrier. Same difference.

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#3. Bill Gramatica (2001)
When a field goal put the Arizona Cardinals up 3-0 during the first half of a regular-season game against the New York Giants, a fired-up Gramatica jumped for joy. That, however, tore his ACL and ended his rookie season.

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#4. Rickey Henderson (1993)
During the dog days of summer, Henderson was forced to miss three games due to heat stroke, er, frostbite. Yep. He left an ice pack on his foot for too long.

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Steve Sparks (1994)
After getting pumped up at a motivational seminar, Sparks attempted to tear phone books apart. He failed at that, but succeeded at dislocating his shoulder during the attempt.

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