3 Awesome Weight Training Apps For Female Athletes

There are plenty of fitness apps that offer cardio routines for women. They usually gear them toward looking good or getting tight abs or whatever. It’s fine to be healthy, but as an athlete, I don’t really need them because I get plenty of cardio when I am training for basketball and soccer during the offseason.

But what I do need is a good weight training program that’ll help me get stronger. I was surprised just how much stronger the ladies were when I made the jump from JV to varsity in basketball and soccer. It was nuts! I’ve improved since, but I need to keep improving if I am going to score some solid playing time.

I have spent countless hours on your iPhone playing Candy Crush and looking for fitness apps (okay, more time playing Candy Crush, but still …).  That’s why when I found three that were good I wanted to pay it forward and pass them along.

Spitfire Athlete
This app shows women how to train, lift weights, and, ultimately, get stronger. In turn, they’ll elevate their performance on the field or on the court. You’ll find things like dynamic warmups and fitness routines that’ll help you avoid injury and train like a pro.

Here’s what Olympic weightlifter Erin Parker, creator of Spitfire Athlete, told Newsday:

“We both felt like every single resource out there was not only condescending, but way too focused on how people looked instead of their actual athletic ability. We wanted to bring the kind of structured, performance-oriented training we do to the everyday woman. If she’s committing to her workouts, then she could do that in a more intelligent way.”

Here are two more apps that have helped me …

Muscle & Fitness Starters Guide
It’s not sports-specific, but the starter’s guide is something that is for people who train often but want to elevate their training to the next level. So it’s not quite a day-one beginner type of thing, but more of a day-1,000-but-I-want-to-improve-fast type of thing. You’ll find a comprehensive plan to put on size and strength. No, not like “bodybuilder” size. Just enough so you can hold your ground when a tree-sized center tries to box you out!

My Fitness Pal
Great for tracking calories and seeing the macros in food — the carbs, fats, and protein. There’s also a glossary/database for exercises. Do I use it all of the time? No, that would be a crazy amount of time spent logging everything I eat. But when I have a question about sugar content or how many carbs are in a specific food, it’s a great resource. it’s also good when I don’t feel like digging through YouTube to find out how to do an exercise properly.